Raphael Weisman, the founder, had been making harps and Kinder Lyres, etc., and providing excellent service to Waldorf Schools, families, harpists, and harp therapists, for over 30 years.

In 2011, he handed over the manufacture and management of the company to Michael and Terry Chastain, who are happy to continue the tradition of quality hand-crafted instruments for healing and for the family. They offer Kinder Lyres, Little Minstrels, and Therapy/Economy and Professional model harps.

Michael Chastain has a talent for woodworking. Since childhood, he has been interested in making musical instruments, and has hand-crafted wooden flutes and didgeridoos. He has also collected and repaired many other unique instruments. His experience includes working at the Gallery of Woods in Sedona, Arizona making specialized wood products. Now, he is trained by Raphael Weisman to make harps, and continues the tradition of hand-made quality instruments. He believes this work is aligned with his spirit’s path and each harp awakens with its own gentle beauty and grace. When the harp is played, the music carries peace and joy to the world.

Michael’s wife, Terry Chastain, is enthusiastic about bringing her expertise to this co-operative community business. Her background is in accounting and business administration. She is the person who provides the structure to complete the process of getting harps to their new owners. Her vision is a peaceful, joyful world in balance and harmony.