The joyful sound of a Door Harp will remind you every time your door opens that Guardian Angels are watching over you and your visitors. The Angels and their Helpers are always with you, and the sound of your Door Harp is their way of saying, "Hello."

These harps are hand-crafted and made in the USA from cherry, mahogany, and Sitka spruce. They are tuned in the Pentatonic scale to make beautiful music in your home. Truly a work of art.

The door harp originated in Scandinavia centuries ago. Some estimate these ornaments have been made for as long as 700 years, derived from a few styles of Chinese stringed instruments called the guqin and the ruan. The door harp is not meant to be played, however, just enjoyed. Hang a Door Harp on your door, and visitors will want to know where they can find one. These make perfect gifts for the holidays, house warmings, weddings and other special occasions.


Our five string Door Harps are ON SALE NOW FOR $45, a huge savings! Available in Oval with Heart or Pear with cross center.  We have a limited quantity available at this sale price. We are currently sold out.  Please check back another time.

Size: Oval approximately 12 x 7 inches, Pear approximately 9 x 9 inches