This portable Pentatonic instrument is a favorite with beginners and children. The Little Minstrel has a soundbox which gives the instrument extra resonance, and eleven strings, producing a beautiful sound and vibration that is a joy to the heart! The Oriental tone has a very relaxing quality, so it is especially useful preparing for ceremony or meditation. And it is often used in therapy work. This is a great instrument for storytellers. You don’t have to think of what notes to play. They all work for you!

The Little Minstrel is carefully handcrafted in the USA and comes standard with a shamrock or heart-shaped soundhole. We also offer a custom center in four beautiful designs. The Gothic, Ceanne, Star, and Celtic roses are hand-carved from fruitwood blanks. The fretwork design is carefully shaped with hand tools, and a gem stone added to three of the designs, to make an exquisite, unique instrument to cherish. A perfect gift for yourself or another!

Little Minstrel Custom Center Designs

Ceanne Rose
Celtic Rose
Star Rose

The soundboard material is Sitka Spruce and the body is made of carefully chosen planks of domestic Cherry wood. Each is unique and has its own character.

It comes with a case, tuning key, songbook, and stringing information. The songs in the songbook are all well known and familiar folk songs that provide a wonderful foundation for making music, and teach you how to read the music if you wish to learn.

Tuning: 2 Pentatonic Octaves: D E G A B d e d g a b d’

Size: 15” × 8.5” × 3”

Price: Standard Center - $310 Custom Center - $425

For custom carvings, please allow 2-3 weeks to process your order. Are you left-handed?  Please inquire about a left-handed Little Minstrel.

Accessories available: Extra Set of Strings: $17, Electronic tuners and pitch pipes